Custom Lotus Hoops

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Make your own signature GH designed lotus hoops! Each design detailed with your choice of genuine raw healing gemstones. Stand out in this beautifully designed hoop earring is as unique as you.

Each Gem stone comes with purpose and beautifully wired onto your lotus flower pendant.

Stone meanings and purpose: 

•Amethyst: The emotional balance stone. Known for centering emotions and helping aid in feelings of anxiety or uncertainty.

•Yellow Citrine: Known as the ultimate happiness manifestor stone. Heightens your feelings of positivity and abundance. The overall energetic and creativity stone.

•Lapiz Lazuli: For the initiative soul. Known as the truth finder stone. Great for decision making and clarity.

•Black obsidian: The protective and truth stone. Known for helping remove personal blockages and negative energy.

•Aura silver/ Aura gold: both made of titanium stone. These are the replenishing stones. Giving you a sense of grounding and balance. Energized your auric field and third eye.

•Amazonite: the communication stone. Helps soothe your anxiety and elevate your intuition. If you’re seeking to speak your truth this is a beautiful stone for you.

Our hoop earrings come in 3 different colors all 4cm wide. Made of tarnish resistant stainless steel. Each design is hand crafted and made just how you create it!


colores necklace and pendant

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